April 22, 2012

Several small towns in Kansas are now only known by their iconic church building; such is the case for Danville, Kansas. The brick catholic church in Danville was built in 1904 when the town seemed to promise much more than would ever be.


The county road south towards Danville. The pavement would not last.

The north-south road through Danville is not paved.

Danville, Kansas

The old school auditorium is now a community building of some sort.


Is the church open all days? I don't know; but, on this Sunday afternoon it was.


These tracks see heavy use.


The stone on the bank building (below, right) says it was built in 1917.  Of course, it is no longer used as a bank.



Within a year, this old boarding house will be gone.




An unnamed road heading towards the small town of Isabel.

The high ground north of the Medicine River.

St. Leo, Kansas was founded as a church town.


The church was dedicated May 18, 1903.

Calista, Kansas came with the Santa Fe Railroad.


The town is abandoned, and so is the railroad.


last edit: 4/22/2012